I decided to make wooden re-usable packaging that was a piece of art and could also be made into a functional object. I screwed legs onto mine and used it as a side table. Ideas for re-use were posted on their website. The quality of the packaging would encourage people to keep the packaging rather than throwing it away.

I sourced a local carpenter to build the custom wood crates for a reasonable price. A local silk-screen shop was utilized to make screens and print each side of the crate, completing the crisp hand-crafted aesthetic of the wooden packaging.

Product Release Collateral

I designed an invitation for the product release party of Invention Atelier’s Aerolamp. The lamp is a mid to high-end designer lamp modeled and built to be reminiscent of the wooden structure of a vintage aircraft. My client’s colleagues, friends and business contacts knew of a product in development but did not know much of what else it would be. I illustrated the postcard to show just a small cropped area of what the form looked like, generating intrigue and interest while keeping the complete form and identity of the object veiled.

Product Photography