GNOME Software/ Endless App Center alignment

While the software of both of these expereince share much of the same code and core functionality, there are some key, very noticeable differences between Endless’s App Center and Gnome Software. Most of these differences are visual, how the apps are styled and presened. There are also differences to the navigation structure of the two, as well as the category breakdown. These distinctions are owed toward the very different user-base the two apps target.

Home/ Featured apps page for GNOME Software

Home/ Featured apps page on Endless’s App Center

The functional pages such as, the app detail view, installed apps, and app updates look and function very much the same. I collaborated with Allan Day, the lead UX designer for know to iterate on the UX and behaviors of these pages over the past several years.

GNOME Software, App detail page

GNOME Software, Installed apps

GNOME Software, Updates

Design process snapshots

Design validation metrics & testing

User engagement to download rate

Sample user validation testing results

Sample user validation testing results