Capacitate is a Mexico based non-profit offering hundreds of online vocational training courses across a wide range of subjects. Their goal was to reach as many Spanish speaking users as possible and to empower them with the training and knowledge needed to build their careers and discover new opportunities.

One challenge they faced in this effort is reaching the many offline or under-connected users that could benefit from their content. The company I worked for, Endless, had a parallel mission to fill the information and technology gap in some of the same markets. With these parallel missions, we saw an incredible opportunity to re-package their content in lightweight applications in order to reach new audiences.

Two apps we built for the program pilot

Courses on Customer Service

Home page for one pilot apps we built. Courses on Customer Service

One Service course page with sequential lessons

Courses on Technology

Home page for one pilot apps we built for Technology Courses

One Technology course page with sequential lessons

UX Process: Wireframes

Wireframe of app family structure

Because each subject exists as an individual app. We wanted to have a central place where users could browse and search for courses across all course offerings, essentially a course catalog. A user would be able to browse courses and link to, download, and begin individual courses directly from this app. If the app was already downloaded it would launch immediately. If it needed to be downloaded it would queue the app to download when possible.

Wireframe the individual app structure